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Golden Dairy Queen to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital

Profits from every Blizzard Treat sale in Canada will support children’s hospitals across the nation
Golden’s Dairy Queen on Highway 1 will donate all profits from Blizzard sales on August 10 to the BC Children’s Hospital. (Photo via Google Maps)

Dairy Queen Canada’s annual Miracle Treat Day returns on August 10 for its 21st year. On that day, the net profit from every Dairy Queen Blizzard Treat sale in Canada will be donated to a charitable cause.

In Golden, visitors to the fast food chain will be able to indulge themselves with one of the frozen treats while also supporting the BC Children’s Hospital, which is one of 12 hospitals across Canada that will benefit from the event.

“It’s very motivating for us to come to work,” Vanessa Sales, the manager at Golden’s Dairy Queen told the Star. “When a lot of customers order blizzards, being able to tell them that it’s Miracle Day makes them excited too.”

Other hospitals benefitting from the cause include the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and SickKids Hospital in Toronto, ON.

Including the 12 hospitals in Canada, Miracle Treat Day raises money for 170 children’s hospitals across North America.

Last year, more than 3.2 million patients were seen at participating children’s hospitals in Canada.

Hospitals across the country continue to grapple with long wait times and financial difficulty as they deal with underfunding and healthcare workers who are stretched thin.

Doctors and patients alike have expressed frustration with how healthcare has been provided in the province. Similar concerns have been expressed in other parts of the country too.

While fundraisers such as Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day can help support the healthcare industry, critics argue that more serious reform is needed to adequately support workers and patients in Canadian hospitals.

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