Rockets blueliner ready to step up

As training camp gets closer Rockets players are ready to get the new season going.

Brad Orr Golden Rockets

Brad Orr Golden Rockets

As the start of the 2012-2013 Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL) season gets closer, Golden Rockets players are getting excited for a more physical season ahead.

Local blueliner Brad Orr is getting ready for his third season in the KIJHL. After a summer working at a local restaurant he is ready for the season to start.

Orr is excited by the news he has heard from the coaches over the summer and sees a “Bigger and Better” Rockets team on the ice this year.

The 19-year-old said he has higher hopes going into this year than in years past.

“Everyone in town has been saying making it past the first round it will be a big deal, but for everyone on the Rockets, we are looking past that now,” he said. “We know we can go farther than that.”

Personally Orr sees his role changing a little over part years with the team.

“Just to have a fun season but also to be a better player who helps some of the young guys who are one the team,” he said. “I expect to be a more solid player and help the team out more.”

Orr encouraged everyone in town to come out for the grand opening night on September 14 when there will be a pre-game celebration in the parking lot to the arena.

“It should be a great time. Something different that Golden has never seen so it would be great to see a big turnout,” he said. “It is always fun to play with the big atmosphere and in front of a big crowd.”

Orr added that it is still fun for him (as a local player) to step out on the ice in front of family and friends in the stands.