Nordic Masters kicks off in Golden

The largest Nordic event ever to come to the Golden area started on Monday and will run until March 17.

Spectators Guide

Sara Nichols, Novice Nordic Skier

For all spectators, you can park in the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort upper parking lot (near the old Whitetooth Daylodge/admin building) and there will be shuttles running between the KHMR parking lot and the Dawn Mountain Nordic Centre during each of the four race days.

Being fairly new to Nordic Skiing, I’ve picked up a few pointers for the novice spectator.

Cheer, clang your cowbell, and urge on the really fit people. They like it, it makes your experience more fun and you’ll feel more engaged in the event.

Nordic skiers are amazingly friendly and like it when you show interest. They’ll be happy to give you pointers, explain the events or share some soup with you.

Nordic skiers talk about wax a lot. Just nod and talk about the snow being sticky or mention your “kick” and “glide”– you’ll fit in.

Nordic skiers tend to be fit and they wear lycra – think about it . . .

Nordic skiers like to drink warm sports drinks. Unless you’re competing and need the electrolytes, I’d recommend the hot chocolate. Warm Gatorade is sort of weird.

Double poling while lame when I do it, is really amazing & exciting when world class athletes do – seriously, they go REALLY FAST!

Don’t ever walk on the track-set trails (the two indented trails for skis). This is considered very rude and you run the risk of getting run over.

Thank a volunteer! The club and events are totally driven by volunteers. Before you complain, take the time to be grateful for the thousands of hours of volunteer effort and passion that went into the creation and maintenance of the trails, the club and the event.

Cheer and have fun!

Try out some skiing. Rentals are available at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Ask a greeter where to go and they’ll explain where you can have a fabulous time skiing without worrying about racers bumping you.