Moonraker Cycling Season Nears End

To the moon and back as another cycling season closes down.

Rick Seward

Golden Cycling Club Director

Our 2011 cycling season is coming to an end and The Golden Cycling Club would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped us develop and maintain our Moonraker trail system.

Our partners, the Columbia Sushwap Regional District and the BC Ministry of Natural Resource Operations, have provided ongoing assistance for signage and trailhead maintenance.

The fire protection crews from Revelstoke worked on our trails for a week this fall, starting three separate trail projects.

Don, Craig, Mark, and the 407 at Alpine Helicopters did the heavy lifting for us whenever we needed materials moved to distant sites.

We’d also like to thank Jon Wilsgard from the Town of Golden for the RMI funding.

That contribution supported the Tourism BC survey of the impact that mountain biking has in the Golden area as well as the development of two new trails and several infrastructure projects.

Another thank you is for Pam and Bernie Sander who have allowed us access through their property so that we might complete some of our projects.

The list of contributors to our trails would not be complete without a mention of our volunteers.

Whether they show up at one of our volunteer days or simply take it upon themselves to make a trail improvement, everyone benefits. As one Edmonton cyclist remarked, “These are the best trails in Edmonton!”

As the headline suggests, the cycling season here is nearing the end.

We had a good year in spite of last year’s heavy snowpack and the late spring and completed many of our projects.

A total of 12 new boardwalks and bridges were built and one new trail was added to the system. A second trail is under construction and will be available early in 2012.

Currently, your Moonraker directors are working on a number of new projects and we will be presenting those to the club’s membership at next year’s AGM.