Learning about more than soccer

The game is about more than winning and losing for the youngest soccer players in Golden.

If you have a child under five and are looking to get them involved in a fun outdoor activity, the Golden Minor Soccer Association may be the place for you.

Mike Palumbo is an under five head coach who is helping run the program for the youngest players.

“This is the second year for the under five players to have the chance to play in Golden and so far Palumbo explained the program has been a great success.

“We started it last year. We wanted to have the kids involved with soccer at a younger age just to bring them together,” Palumbo said.

He went on to explain that even though the coaches are teaching them about the rules of the game, the main focus is not about winning at this age.

“The idea is to have some team play. They get the experience of meeting some new friends so when they go to school they already know people from soccer,” he said. “Also of course it is about having fun.”

Palumbo said the soccer has also given parents a chance to get out and have fun with their children.

“We have one event every Wednesday. It may be hula hoops, skipping or bubbles. It may not have a direct link to soccer but it is fun. It is 100 per cent fun,” he said. “By the end of it they get the idea of being part of a team. They all pitch in together.”

The league has also been getting great support from local residents who have come to donate their time to the group.

“In our under five group the coaches go from 16 to as old as 50 or 60 and all the way through. It is great to have this support,” Palumbo said.

Currently there are still a couple of spots open if you were interested in having your child take part in the league.

Anyone interested in learning more can drop by Keith King Memorial Park on Monday or Wednesday  around 5:45 p.m. and talk to Palumbo.