Pictured are Mackenzie Lush

Pictured are Mackenzie Lush

Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club finds success

The Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club went to new heights in May.

Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club


The Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club had a very successful competition month in May.  On the weekend of May 5 and 6, the Performance Plus and Provincial Level 1 athletes attended Zone Championships in Nelson BC.

Performance Plus Athletes compete for Gold, Silver, Bronze awards based on their personal performance, not on a ranking system.

Emma Russell, Ayra McCarthy, Marika Sutter, Mara Parkinson and Morgan Wharton improved on all the apparatus: floor, beam, bars and vault.

Provincial Level Athletes compete in age categories and are ranked.

Kayla Lush competed in the Argo Provincial Level 1 Division and ranked third on vault, fourth on bars, sixth on beam, fourth on floor and fourth All Around.  Zara Johnson competed in the Novice Provincial Level 1 Division and ranked third on vault, fifth on bars, sixth on beam, fifth on floor and sixth All Around.  Provincial Level 2 Athletes, Kelsey Lloyd, Makayla Beam and Jasmine Wan competed in the Open Category.  Kelsey placed seventh on vault, fourth on bars, ninth on beam, fourth on floor and seventh All Around.  Makayla placed first on vault, sixth on bars, sixth on beam, ninth on floor and eighth All Around.  Jasmine placed sixth on vault, eighth on bars, third on beam, eighth on floor and tenth All Around.  They all worked hard and performed very well.

To end off the competition season, Kicking Horse Gymnastics was well represented at Kimberley Gymnastics Club’s Coconut Cup on Saturday May 26 with 24 athletes participating.

The first session of the day saw Emilie Lessor, Sierra Crowe, Noah Ure, Cora Robertson, Hannah LaRoy, Hayley Plonka, Chloe Hood, Tige Lussier and Kiki Ovenden perform in the Girls Interclub Division, an advanced recreational division where gymnasts showcase their skills on vault, bars, beam and floor.  The athletes worked hard learning and performing their routines and did a marvellous job.  The second session was Performance Plus gymnasts who are becoming seasoned competitors.  Emma Russell, Marika Sutter, Ayra McCarthy, Madyson Oslund and Morgan Wharton did very well.  Morgan Wharton had the highest score of her division when she received a perfect 10 for her awesome bar routine.  The third session was the competitive Provincial Athletes who had one of the best meets of their careers to end the season.  The athletes were pleased with having their whole team make it through their routines on beam and bars without falling off once!

Kayla Lush had an amazing meet, she placed first on vault, second on bars, second on beam, third on floor and second All Around with a total score of 46.8 (only .3 away from the athlete in  first).  Meghan Oslund had a strong competition in the Tyro Division and came home with first on everything with a total score of 45.5.

Zara Johnson and Midori Nagao went head to head in the Novice Division with hardly a point between each of their scores, Midori placed second on all events and overall with a strong 45.1 total score while Zara placed first on all events and overall with a strong 47.3 total score.  Jasmine Wan and Makayla Beam had a blast going head to head in the Open Division where Jasmine placed first on vault, second on bars, second on beam, first on floor and first All Around with the highest total score of all provincial competitors at 48.3.  Makayla placed second on vault, first on bars, first on beam, second on floor and second All Around with a total score of 47.1.

The competitive athletes train 6-9 hours a week and their dedication and hard work is showing in their ever-improving performances.

The final flight of the day was the Premiere of Kicking Horse Gymnastics Boys Program.  Mackenzie Lush, Sawyer Millward, Walker Lapins, Garrett Kardash and Matthew Chaluck gave it their all as they performed for the first time in the Boys Interclub Division.  The boys showcased their skills on the floor, high bar, vault, parallel bars, rings and the mushroom (pommel horse preparation).   The adjudicator was impressed by their strong tumbling, their strength, power, dedication and that they were really having a fun time.

Kicking Horse Gymnastics is finishing off its Winter-Spring Session in the coming weeks and we will be offering some camps in the summer.  Parents/ guardians are encouraged to come and participate in the last week of classes with their child/children.  For information about various programming or to enquire about our Fall 2012 programming contact the club via email at khgym@hotmail.com or phone coach Christine at 250-344-0682.  The club was pleased to receive Columbia Basin Trust funding for some new equipment that is on its way and is pleased to also have received notice of a Gaming Grant for equipment and facility rental.