Golden Light Horse Club wraps up their season with awards

Another fun filled and exciting year of the Golden Light Horse Club wrapped up last week at the AGM and awards night event.

Golden Light Horse Club


Another fun filled and exciting year of the Golden Light Horse Club wrapped up last week at the AGM and awards night event.  The club had a very successful year hosting our 2nd Annual Delbert Johnson Memorial Jackpot Barrel Race which brought out competitors from around the province to a fantastic weekend of sunshine and fast horses.  We also hosted a clinic with Ron Watson in the spring, had our monthly Fun Day Gymkhana events, some social gatherings, a group trail ride and topped all of this off with an awesome day in Brisco competing for the Golden/Brisco Challenge Cup.

The Golden Light Horse club hosts all-ages, family friendly events that promote fun competition in a safe environment for all horse enthusiasts. This year we are especially proud of our kids’ improvement in their horsemanship skills and overall control in the ring, which reflects their blossoming partnerships with their ponies and horses. Our Fun Days are open events and we invite you to join us at the Rodeo Grounds in the spring to laugh with the kids, laugh at the adults, pick the prettiest horse, and enjoy a delicious burger at our concession!

We will keep you posted to these dates in the Spring with our first event being the Fun, Fat and Furry.  Thanks Ladies and Farmer for an incredible season!

Golden Light Horse Club 2014 awards

Lead line (Kids being lead on their horses)

Gymkhana 1 Tanner Wolfendon

2 Malcolm Labonville

3 Tianna Craig / Sisley  Roeters

4 Alyssa Craig

Novelty Class 1 Tanner Wolfendon

2 Malcolm Labonville

3 Alyssa Craig

4 Tianna Craig

Pleasure Class 1 Tanner Wolfendon / Malcolm Labonville

2 Sisley Roeters

3 Tianna Craig

4 Alyssa Craig

Jr D (Kids riding horses on their own)

Gymkhana 1 Amelia Labonville

2Erica Pfisterer

3 Tanner Wolfendon

4 Amber Dempsey

5 Lukas Pfisterer

Novelty Class 1 Erica Pfisterer

2 Amelia Labonville

3 Lukas Pfisterer

4 Amber Dempsey

5 Grady Wolfendon



Pleasure 1 Amelia Labonville

2 Erica Pfisterer

3 Grady Wolfendon

4 Lukas Pfisterer

5 Amber Dempsey

Seniors 2014 (Anyone over 18)

Gymkhana 1 Rebecca Labonville 2 Shelley Black

3 Trina Wolfendon

4 Nitasha Palumbo

Novelty Class 1 Shelley Black

2 Rebecca Labonville

3 Trina Wolfendon

4 Eva Pfisterer

Pleasure Class 1 Rebecca Labonville

2 Trina Wolfendon

3 Nancy Watson

4 Eva Pfisterer

Delbert Johnston Memorial (Most Improved Horse and Rider) – Trina Wolfendon and Nitro

Tom Davies Memorial (Most Valuable Club Members) – Ruth and Gord Frisky

Barb Jouriman Memorial (Best Horse and Rider Combination) – Rebecca Labonville and Bess

Jean Dyck Memorial (Most Improved Junior Rider)  – Amelia Labonville and Bess

Cathy Dyck High Point Junior (Junior with most Points) – Erica Pfisterer and Magee

High Point Lead Line – Tanner Wolfendon

High Point Senior Rider – Shelley Black