Fun focus for minor hockey in Golden

The Golden Minor Hockey Association is getting ready to host their Fall Registration and this year the focus is on having fun.

The Golden Minor Hockey Association is getting ready to host their Fall Registration and this year the focus is on having fun.

The recreational hockey league is aiming at getting more players involved with the league this season by trying to help parents limit the cost for their children to take part.

One way in doing this is by not making it mandatory for there to be any out of town travel required. There will be an optional out of town tournament during the Winter Session which will give players the chance to go to another area and play if they want to.

This year the league will have many different levels including Initiation A/B (5 – 6 years), Novice (7 – 8 years), Atoms (9 – 10 years) and more.

In another attempt to give players a chance to play the group will split the season into two parts. Players will be able to sign up for the full season which will run from September to March) or sign up for the Fall Session (September – December) or Winter session (January – March). The Fall or Winter session will cost 60 percent of full season costs.

Registration will be held at the Town of Golden Registration Night September 7 or Minor Hockey Registration Night September 12, 5 – 8 p.m. in the Arena Lobby. On the night of September 12 during the registration time there will also be a gear swap happening to help parents find equipment for the upcoming season.

Mike Palumbo is vice president of the Golden Minor Hockey Association who sees this season as a chance for players and families to come together and have some fun at the arena.

“Each of the lower divisions will have a fun based focus. We want players to have fun,” Palumbo said.

The group is planning on holding two tournaments a year with a larger one to be held locally.

“Cost are being kept to a minimum to help give more young players a chance to participate,” Palumbo said.

As for the sign up nights helping people get equipment is important to the group

“We are doing a huge drive to collect hockey gear from September 7 until September 12 With equipment being collected at the Golden Rim Hotel at the Canyon’s Edge Restaurant and Mountain Motor Sports. On the Monday night (September 12) from 5-8 p.m. with our sign up at the arena we will have some of the Golden Rockets, along with all of the equipment we have collected to help players. We will also have an equipment swap as well,” Palumbo said.

The group will also be offering advice on how to help parents save money when going out to get equipment before the season kicks off.  For more information check out the association website at or call Mike Palumbo at 250-344-8385.