The Golden Light Horse Club gathered for a fun day on Sunday May 27.

The Golden Light Horse Club gathered for a fun day on Sunday May 27.

Fun day held for Golden Horse Club

Riders and friends gathered with the Golden Light Horse Club to have a fun day in the sun.

The Golden Light Horse Club hosted its first fun day of the season on Sunday May 27.

Although you need a horse to participate in these fun days, the community is always invited to come out and watch, and partake in the barbecue lunches.

“We’ve got fun days planned all summer,” said Shelly Black, vice president of the club. “The club has been around forever. And it’s been a bit stale for the last couple years, but we’re really trying to work hard on getting people of all riding abilities back involved.”

The club, which currently has around 15 members, accommodates all skill levels and styles of riding. Members have to have their own horse and gear, but if you do it is a very inexpensive club to belong to, it’s only cost being a $20 membership fee.

“Anyone can come out and watch, and we’ve got barbecue lunches. We are encouraging young people to come out and get involved, but it’s not a thing where you can come out and expect to ride if you don’t already have your stuff,” said Black.

“We might do a lead and line class for kids as a fundraiser, but that’s not our focus. Our focus is people who have horses to come together and learn off each other.”

At the moment, the group is working on bringing in a more exciting spectator event for the community.

“We’re working on getting a Bullarama going in the community. The main event of a rodeo is always the bull riding, so we’re going to focus on bringing the bull riding to us. So that could be this fall if the grants go through, or next spring if not,” said Black.

The club is also planning on doing a clinic with Ron Watson, Golden’s own local cowboy who owns Cats to Cattle Supplies. The proceeds from that are going to help support the president of the club who’s got cancer right now.

To learn more about the club and their upcoming events, find the Golden Light Horse Club on Facebook.