Family, friends and a famous last name

Brad Orr is happy to have the chance to play in front of a home crowd most nights of the hockey season.

Brad Orr Golden Rockets

Brad Orr Golden Rockets

Growing up in Golden Brad Orr spent many hours playing at the arena where he would eventually end up with the Golden Rockets.

So far this season Orr has more than doubled his entire output from last year by having 13 points in 26 games for the Rockets.

“As a team we are doing well and I hope this continues to the end,” he said.

Orr was interviewed after the Rockets spent some time in the downtown core of Golden carolling to the people in the town. He explained he likes to take part in events likes this with the team because it helps bring the group together.

“It is always good to do things like this. Plus it helps bring people out and gets a lot of people into the building,” Orr said. He said that the best singer in his opinion on the team was right winger Bryden Marsh.

As for playing in front of family and friends Orr explained, “It is fun. I know a lot of people here and there is always a lot of cheering going on.” He went on to say that it is comforting to be able to live at home and play in front of his parents.

Orr was also happy the team was taking part in a teddy bear toss during the Christmas season because looking after the kids in the community and giving something back is important to him.

As for the rest on the year Orr is hoping the team will play well enough to finish higher than fourth and moving past the first round in the playoffs.

As for having a rather famous last name when linked to hockey in Canada Orr said with a smile that they are big shoes to fill. “I may be quite a bit below him (Bobby Orr) but I get teased about it once in a while. It is all good though. It would be good to be as good as Bobby Orr one day but that is quite a ways away.”