Family days at the Golden Golf Course in September

New fun at the Golden Golf Course

It is a great time for families to hit the Golden Golf Club with a special deal for September Sundays.

It is a great time for families to hit the Golden Golf Club with a special deal for September Sundays.

It has been 25 years since the community of Golden came together to help create the Golden Golf Club. Over the years the look of the clubhouse may have changed but the idea of the club being there for the community has remained one of the focuses of the people who look after the golf club. In September the Club will be holding special Sunday family days which will help give people the chance to bring junior golfers out on the course for a healthy afternoon outting.

“We have started a program this year as a way to connect  and engage with the community a bit more. The club was built by the community and we see it as being a big part of the community. This year we held a 25th anniversary celebration.,” said Golden golf Club general Manager Patrick Chury.

“This fall we are looking to make every Sunday after 3 p.m., when an adult comes out to play three junior golfers (16 and under) can play at no cost.”

As for why this program is important to Chury he sees it as a way to continue the long history of golf in Golden.

“It is to get back to the game. Golf is like any sport, if you don’t bring juniors up then you lose the future. You have to take care of them,” Chury said. “I believe any sport is great for children. Sports can teach children many of life’s lessons. “

The club currently has a junior program which has a number of young golfers taking part and learning the sport.

“This time of year with children out of school they can frequent any time of the day. Our junior program right now has 30 participants in the program. In the past it has been as high as 75. We are trying to build that up again. The Sunday play fits into the idea of getting families out to the course again,” Chury said.

As for the history behind the course Chury felt it was important for everyone to remember why the course came into being.

“We never forget our roots. Clubs may drift away from their roots to be here for the community but we want to remember why we were put here,” Chury said.

For more information about the Family Day’s event , junior golf or general inquiries feel free to call the Golden Golf Club at 250)-344-2700.