Dogtooth Climbing Gym starts summer camps

The Dogtooth Climbing Gym will be holding a summer camp for climbers.

Whether you want to dangle from a rope, tackle that fear of heights, or improve your climbing skills, the Dogtooth Climbing Gym will be able to accommodate you in their kids summer climbing camps.

“All the kids really love it. And even if they start off being scared of heights, we work with them and they progress,” said Rachel Wilde, instructor and owner of the climbing gym. “They don’t need to be at a certain level before they come. We take all levels and sizes.”

The camps are all two, two-hour sessions taking place in July and August. Kids five and up will learn how to climb, boulder, and take part in climbing games. Climbers nine and older will also learn some belaying skills, taught by their ACMG certified instructor.

“We play games with them, so there’s always challenges going on… We do one hanging game, they grab onto a hold and we see who can hang on the longest,” said Wilde. “So it’s a lot of fun.”

The Dogtooth Climbing Gym has been open for five years now, and this is the fourth year they’ve run the summer camps.

“The summer camps are good because they give the kids a good understanding of the basics of climbing and the rope work. We teach them how to tie the knots, and communication,” said Wilde. And there is always an emphasis on safety.

All campers must register in advance (at least a day before the camp’s start date).

For more information on the camps and how to register go to