Runners from the Mountain Prana running club

Runners from the Mountain Prana running club

A social running club takes to the trails around Golden

Getting healthy and seeing more of Golden has never been easier with Mountain Prana.

Runners in Golden have been gathering together to run with a new club that not only is a great work out but is also a great time.

Organized by Hollie Tataryn the group called Mountain Prana has been meeting three times a week.

“I used to coach running in Saskatoon. When I came here I decided I wanted to get back into it,” Tataryn said.  After talking to some people and putting out the word she was looking to put on a clinic the response was immediate.  “I had a huge response. When the time came for the first clinic to wrap up we didn’t want it to end,” Tataryn said. She added the group is also a social atmosphere. “You get to know people. It gets them out and me out,” she said.

The group runs on Monday and Wednesday nights along with Saturday Mornings. Tataryn said the group is open for people of all levels to come out and they work to match up people who run at the same pace. “These girls are all ages, all walks of life and they are all so supportive of each other. I have coached clinics before and not seen the huge dynamic of people but it really works here.” Kristin Parke said the club works for her on many levels. “It is nice to get out,” she said. “It is easy to sit at home and say you are going to run but here there are more people to be with.”

Tataryn will be holding another learn to run clinic in the fall where she will discuss topics from nutrition, gear, how to run in different kinds of weather and many other things. Anyone interested in learning more information about the group or the upcoming clinic can email