A skier on Kicking Horse Mountain (Kicking Horse Resort)

‘A Ski-Life-Crisis’: Attempting Kicking Horse 20 years later

Avid skier makes a video series about skiing at 40

There’s a common belief that no one can stay young forever and keep up the high level of physicality and energy they once had, but for one man burgeoning on a new decade, he wanted to find out for himself if he still has what it takes.

Released close to two weeks ago by Forecast Ski Magazine, contributor editor Matt Coté explores turning 40 in a three-part video series, where he seeks to find out if he can still ski as he used to in his 20s.

The first video in the Facing 40: A Ski-Life-Crisis, has Coté returning to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, to try out the ski routes that he carved 20 years ago.

Episode one was simple, Coté explained what was happening, why he was doing it, how he was going about it and even explained the routes themselves and their difficulty level.

The second episode opened with Coté describing certain areas as scary such as the Dutch Wallet. Described by Coté to be the “biggest thing I’ve jumped off of,” Townhouse Rock was the route he chose not to try again and hilariously proclaimed, “well there’s a piece of my youth I’m not getting back.”

In the final episode, Coté makes a somewhat shocking revelation that he believes he can ski those same routes better than he did at 20, meaning that he didn’t ski them that well when he was younger. This is later expanded upon when Coté sits down with someone who explains that it’s all about mindset. While Coté might not have the same physical strength he once did, he can approach a certain route with more intelligence and that comes with experience.

One of the routes he tackled was called the Jenga Drop due to a rock column that when aired, looks like a column of Jenga pieces. At the end when it was time to answer the question, Coté believes his ability to ski the mountain now is just as good as when he was 20 but is happy it’s over and can go back to being 40.

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