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A Salute to Golden

Captain of the Golden Rockets looks back on a great year.

Darren Andre

Captain of the Golden Rockets

In the past three years a lot has changed for the Golden Rockets.

I have seen players, coaches, mentors and friends all graduate on to new places. There have been changes in billets, board members and the entire direction of the team.

I feel privileged to have been part of this experience and as my time here comes to a close I realize none of this would have been possible if it were not for the loyal support and hard work of the people of Golden.

We have received invaluable support from places like Golden Secondary School, the Town of Golden and their employees, who year after year accommodate us and our schedule so it is possible to continue on.

Our board of volunteers has somewhat turned over in the last year.

Our previous president, Colleen Palumbo was an extraordinary asset and even though she no longer has the same title we are grateful that she still volunteers her time.

Curt Thorne has filled the role of the new president and has brought some new ideas and has done a spectacular job in the short time he has been with the organization.

John Santos is also a new member this year that has taken on the role of billet co-ordinator. He has become an instrumental part of our team and has exceeded anything that could have been expected.

He is someone everyone enjoys working with and not to mention has done so with seven players living at his house this year.

Some people that have remained with us that also deserve a thank you are, all the board members, Nancy Dupuis as treasurer, Merle Erickson and Robin Beckett as directors.

Also Gino Palumbo and Tom Stanton who are the best announcers the KIJHL has to offer and Don Howe who puts in countless hours getting us to and from our games safely.

The other bright spot for the Golden Rockets is the incredible coaching staff we have in Ty Davidson and Danny Orr.

They have taken the team in a new direction. As much as they expect from us on the ice there has been a real push to grow and become men away from the rink.

This combination of volunteers and coaching staff have made a new face for our team and the future looks bright with them being part of it.

The people of the community that can never get enough praise and appreciation are the people that open their homes and invite these young men into their lives.

For me its been people like Shawn Tomash and Laird Pittman who have opened their doors and allowed us to become part of their family. Without these billet families there is no team and their contribution goes without saying is priceless.

Finally, and most importantly, the fans. They are the motivating force that drives the team day in and day out. Their support drives everyone to be better. Golden is not the biggest town in the world but the following we receive is inspiring not only for us but brings pride to the game of hockey.

So thanks to you Golden, we will attempt to repay you by bringing our best on the ice every night and strive to be better people within the community.