A great day for skiing and more at the Huckleberry Loppet

Registration for the 17th Annual Huckleberry Loppet, being held this year on Feb. 10, is now open.

Registration for the 17th Annual Huckleberry Loppet, being held this year on Feb. 10, is now open.

Anyone interested in signing up for the loppet can do so online at www.zone4.ca, www.goldennordicclub.ca, or fill out a registration form at Dawn Mt. Chalet any time before Feb. 8.

The event is great for skiers of all levels according to Youth Program Co-ordinator for the Golden Nordic Club, Joan Dolinsky.

“It is a family event. It is for everybody and there are many families who come out to ski in it,” she said. “The youngest person who takes part is usually the four-year-olds, but there are also moms who carry around their kids in their chariots.”

Over the years the event has garnered many participants from the area and further away.

“It is going to be the same as in past years where we have a whole bunch of different distances for people to ski and it is a really inclusive event,” she said. “We encourage all of the skiers in the community to come out.”

This is the biggest event of the season for the club. All children who come out receive a raku medallion that is made locally.

“We serve a big chilli lunch afterwards with homemade cookies. It is a really fun event.”

Dolinsky thanked all of the local businesses who have stepped up to help provide prizes for the event again this year.

Normally around 100 people come out for the event and take part in the skiing and relaxing at the Nordic Centre.

“Races go from one kilometre up to 30 kilometres for the more experienced athletes. Skiers can come and take part in the recreational or competitive classes at the event,” she said.

As for how it has felt watching the event grow over the years, Dolinsky explained it has been fun to see.

“It has been awesome. It is nice to see more and more people come every year. There are a lot of out of  town skiers coming because it is a nice course we have. In some loppets you just ski around smaller loops several times, where as in this one we have a long beautiful loop,” she said.

She added, “The nice thing as well, the last couple of the years, is having the chalet where everyone can relax and eat in.”

People interested in learning more about the event of the Nordic Club, can check out the Noric Club website at www.goldennordicclub.ca or call Dolinsky at 250-344-0017.