Youth Centre holds committee meeting

Youth who attended a Jan. 20 meeting pushed forward a desire for field trips in the future.

Youth Centre attendance has seen a spike in recent weeks after a group led by coordinator Mike Symons visited Golden Secondary School, Lady Grey Elementary and Nicholson Elementary schools to promote the facility.

“We saw about a 30 per cent rise in kids over the last couple weeks so it’s been super busy. It’s good,” Symons said.

On Jan. 20 Symons hosted an inaugural youth committee meeting, which is made up of several kids who have shown the strongest interest in what goes on at the centre.

Those in attendance listened to a series of guest speakers and discussed a range of ideas with the goal of seeing how the centre and its programs could be improved upon.

“Snowboarding and skiing definitely came up, not surprisingly,” Symons explained.

“We have different levels of users in here but the idea is to do it as a group.”

Group art projects were also discussed. It’s too early to know how that might look, but Symons said that it could not only be a good way for the youth to express themselves, but also as a way to fundraise for the facility if it got to the point where the art could be sold.

“We also (talked about) music production and jam band formation. We’ve got the space for that,” Symons said.

“Recording has been an interest for sure.”

Outdoor education and exploration were also discussed, with Symons saying that field trips are possible in the future, which would be a new concept for the Youth Centre.

“I think that to do it casually as an independent group it requires looking into insurance a little more and getting an activity planned for each field trip.”

Symons also expressed a desire to create a collaboration between the youth centre and other groups and businesses in the community.

“Once the community knows what the youth are shooting for, then we are hoping we can collaborate with some organizations in the community that might want to promote or advertise their centre by giving a discounted rate or working with our youth.”