Kicking Horse Mountain Resort will be constructing a Via Ferrata

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort will be constructing a Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata will be newest addition to Kicking Horse offerings

KHMR is preparing to offer a brand new climbing opportunity for experts and beginners alike.

With relatively mild temperatures and plenty of sun in the forecast, Goldenites can be excused if they are beginning to think about spring these days. While Kicking Horse Mountain Resort staff are hoping for a snowy March, they’ve also made plans that will expand on their summer operations this year.

In addition to opening for the summer earlier than in previous years (May 30), the resort has recently unveiled plans for a brand new offering, a via ferrata climb up the north face of Terminator peak.

Italian for iron road, via ferratas are fixed climbing courses along a series of cables, ladders and bridges. While the activity has long been popular in Europe, very few have been built in North America thus far, but their benefits are fairly obvious.

“You’re secured and clipped in for safety the entire time. So that allows anybody to try it out. Even those very new to mountain-type adventures can experience this,” said Matt Mosteller, senior VP of marketing and resort experience at Resorts of the Canadian Rockies.

Climbers are secured onto the course and will also be helped along by a guide. A beginner and an advanced course are being planned.

“One will be accessible to most people while another will be a much more challenging route,” Mosteller explained.

Mosteller believes that the introduction of the via ferrata is just one more step towards a complete and diverse mountain experience for the resort’s summer guests and for Golden as a whole.

“When you combine all of those together it makes it a top adventure destination in Canada. We want to continue to compliment that,” Mosteller said while highlighting Golden’s mountain biking, white water rafting and hiking opportunities in addition to the resort’s activites.

“You’ve got a really unbelievable offering for people to spend not just a weekend but to make it a real summer stop from an adventure vacation standpoint.”

Resort officials are planning to have the via ferrata course ready for Canada Day.