A group of Golden Cycling Club volunteers celebrate the completion of a new trail two years ago.

A group of Golden Cycling Club volunteers celebrate the completion of a new trail two years ago.

Tourism Week: Jeremy Harris with the Golden Cycling Club

Read what cycling club president Jeremy Harris has to say about the tourism industry's impact on the club. #BCTourismMatters

Jeremy Harris is the current president of the Golden Cycling Club, and a Journeyman / Redseal Carpenter with Canadian Timberframes. He came to Golden first in 1994 to bike and ski, then moved here permanently from Lake Louise in 1997 for “work and play opportunities.” The Golden Cycling has a very large volunteer base that is responsible for building multiple mountain biking trail networks that bring in tourists, as well as major biking events.


Q: Does the fact that the trails bring in tourists make it easier for the Cycling Club to get grants for trail building? And does it help keep the volunteer base strong.

A: Yes, there are employment and tourist related benefits along with keeping young active people here, people who work hard to make a life here to enjoy the outdoor benefits.

A lot of (our volunteers) work in non-tourist related activities – LP, CP, Forestry etc. Volunteers are interested in contributing to the trail network for the benefit of all. We have very little paid maintenance, so volunteerism is essential to keeping the network in good shape.

Q: Do you ever hear feedback from visitors regarding the trails the club has built?

A: Yes, through social media mostly and word of mouth. It’s extremely positive from all.

Q: Does their appreciation help motivate the club to keep working and expanding the trail networks?

A: Yes. Ideally this motivates people to become members. More members means more money for maintenance, but more importantly lets us to to the granting and funding table with a lot of clout.

Q: How does it feel host events like the SingleTrack 6 and Golden 24?

A: As a club we are proud to support these events. The ST6 was a great success in 2014. The two days in Golden were voted 1 and 2 rider favourites at the end of the race. G24 is new this year and we are pretty confident that it is going to be an amazing event. It is close to 350 riders registered to date.

However, we are all well aware as a club that both these events are going go put a lot of strain on our trails and resources to get things ready, with volunteers etc. There is a lot of work before and after these events to make sure the trails are not adversely affected by such an influx of riders. That being said, the Transrockies crew is donating money and man hours to both of these events to help prepare and rehabilitate the trails in use.