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Snow King Playhouse opens up to the public this weekend

With supplies available, individuals, groups or families can create a costume or lantern, and be part of the magical experience.
The Snow King’s Playhouse has everything you need to make a costume or mask to be a part of the celebration.

Creative residents are invited to join the party at the Snow King’s Playhouse, opening up this weekend.

Every year Kicking Horse Culture funds the Playhouse to get Goldenites involved in the annual Snow King Masque Parade. With supplies available on site, individuals, groups or families can go in and create a costume or lantern, and be part of the magical experience that is the Snow King Parade. Blurring the line between performers and the audience with what makes the parade so unique.

“I really hope that the parade continues to be a community-initiated event,” said Joyce deBoer, one of the lead organizers every year. “When people take an active role and become a part of it, it becomes such a different experience. I love watching the look on kids’ faces when they go into the middle of the celebration. They’re just awestruck.”

This year the Snow King and Lady Spring will be celebrating Canada 150 eh? with all their woodland creature friends. Canada may be turning 150 this year, but these characters have been roaming these lands for much longer.

Golden is also celebrating its 60th birthday, so the event will be paying homage to the rivers, mountains, and people that have made Golden what it is.

There are always a few familiar faces in the square, including the Amuse Troupe whose theatrical and acrobatic performances have become a highlight of the celebration every year, but deBoer says she gets equally excited to see new people joining the process.

“One of our new organizers, Jill Dewtie, has been contacting groups to join in who we hadn’t even thought of before,” said deBoer.

Dewtie witnessed the Masque Parade for the first time last year, and decided this was something she had to be a part of. Fresh new ideas from people like Dewtie are one of the reasons the event is so different every year.

“It’s a really fun thing to be a part of, especially when the creative opportunities are so endless,” said Dewtie. “This year we’re going to be incorporating some dance, so if there is anyone out there who would like to be part of a choreographed dance, please contact us.”

Whether you would like to be part of a dance number, come out in a costume of your own design, or simply build a lantern to add to the sparkle of the evening, the Playhouse has what you need to get involved.

It opens at the Golden Civic Centre this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. See the Golden Star’s Community Calendar (page 8) for a full list of times.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss a possible costume, or want to inquire about joining the dance number, you can contact the organizing team at