This year’s Masque Parade will feature stories from the Snow King’s adventures in space.

This year’s Masque Parade will feature stories from the Snow King’s adventures in space.

Snow King and Lady Spring return with tales from outer space

This year's Masque Parade will feature tales from the Snow King and Lady Spring's journey through space.

With a lack of snow on Earth, one can only assume the Snow King and Lady Spring figured they might as well take to the sky. At this weekend’s 9th annual Snow King Masque Parade, the Spirit Square audience will learn about the pair’s incredible adventure in space and meet the assortment of extra-terrestrial beings that they encountered along the way.

The idea for a space theme came out of a planning meeting last year.

“This year somebody brought up the space theme and everybody (agreed),” said Joyce deBoer, one of the event’s organizers.

DeBoer has been involved in Golden’s popular annual pageant since its inception, which started with the simple idea to host a winter festival.

Now, between the creative and logistics team of volunteers, deBoer estimates there are between 35 and 40 individuals who help to put the show together for the 1000+ people who turn up at Spirit Square year after year. It’s a large undertaking that begins with creative meetings in the summer and ends with mask and lantern making at the Masque Parade’s Play House in the weeks leading up to the big night.

New for this year is the entertainment following the pageant. In the past, the audience has quickly dispersed once the grand finale is complete, but this year deBoer is hoping that people will stick around for after-pageant festivities that will include a performance from DJ Tracy Mihajic.

“After the show, performers are now going to have a chance to stand up on the stage area and take selfies with (those in the audience),” deBoer said.

“We’re just going to encourage everyone to step away from being a part of the audience and be part of the street fest.”

After nearly a decade spent as one of the parade’s principal organizers, deBoer takes particular delight in seeing what a ritual the Masque Parade has become for locals.

“For some people it’s a tradition now. It’s become, if I can be so bold as to say it, almost a part of the culture of Golden…people come to expect it, a lot of people plan around it, they think about it and talk about it at their dinner table,” she said.

This year’s Masque Parade will get underway at 7p.m. on Feb. 14 in Sprit Square.