Linda Hautala is celebrating 25 years as a business owner in Golden. Not only does she own Shear Perfection Salon

Linda Hautala is celebrating 25 years as a business owner in Golden. Not only does she own Shear Perfection Salon

Shear Perfection celebrating 25 years in business in Golden

Linda Hautala opened up her own salon, Shear Perfection, 25 years ago.

Linda Hautala may have started with hairdressing later in life, but she stumbled upon the right career choice, and is now celebrating 25 years in business.

After owning a restaurant with her husband, Hautala knew she wanted to own her own business, so she tried her hand at it and started learning from a local stylist.

“I worked for six months for free and that was tough,” she said. “But it was just to learn and to see if I liked it…It was a good choice for me. I love it.”

Of course there are always going to be ups and downs over the course of such a long career, but what Hautala still enjoys the most is getting to know her clients.

“I always enjoy my cliental, that’s the truth,” she said. “We get very involved with our clients. We put a lot into it.”

Hautala has, on more than one occasion, been compared to a psychiatrist. When you spend hours, one-on-one, working on someone’s hair, they tend to open up and tell you their life stories.

“But that’s what I love,” she said.

When Shear Perfection opened up, there were two chairs, a very different picture from what it is today. At times she has had other hairdressers working with her, and she even had the first stand-up tanning booth in Golden.

But these days hairdressing, although still her passion and focus, is only part of the business. Three years ago Hautala added the Red Door Boutique to her space.

“That has shifted my business dramatically,” she said.

The front of her shop is now filled with women’s wear, ranging from professional to casual. Hautala’s aim was to offer quality clothing to a demographic that has few other options in Golden.

“We do carry a variety, so there’s something here for all ages and all sizes,” said Hautala. “But I definitely try to make sure there’s options here for the 50+ age category.”

Even though her business has expanded, she still looks forward to both her regular and new clients taking a seat in her chair.

Shear Perfection and the Red Door Boutique is offering specials to commemorate 25 years in business. You can check them out at the shop on 9th Avenue North.