Senator and olympian publicly supports Lower Canyon access

Kamloops Senator and former Canadian Olympic medalist Nancy Greene Raine brings up Lower Canyon following Senate Question Period.

Dear Minister Garneau,

Thank you for coming to the Question Period in the Senate.  Unfortunately there was not enough time for me to present my question which I present to you now.

“Honourable Minister Garneau,

I hope you might already know of a crisis facing the beautiful town of Golden in British Columbia.‎ The Lower Canyon of the Kicking Horse River is the jewel of the white water rafting world. It is an incredible experience enjoyed by over 15,000 adventure seekers from around the world and its economic impact is well over $3 million for the town of 3,800 people.

All this is being threatened by CP Rail banning the seven rafting companies from crossing their tracks to access the river, something they have been doing for more than 30 years without a problem.

It seems CP Rail is responding to a directive from Transport Canada to ‎meet new safety guidelines but the timing couldn’t be worse.  ‎A solution must be found immediately as bookings are already being impacted.

Will you do everything in your power to encourage CP Rail to find an interim solution to save the rafting season which starts in just over a month?   There are solutions being proposed, both for this summer and for the long term.


Thank you.”


I would appreciate a reply, as would the people of Golden.




Senator Nancy Greene Raine