Drop-in badminton is one of the many weekly activities at the Rec Plex.

Drop-in badminton is one of the many weekly activities at the Rec Plex.

Plenty of activities at the Mount 7 Rec Plex

With a slower than usual snow season, locals have ample opportunities to take to the indoors for their sport and recreation needs.

Many skiers and boarders are bemoaning weak snowfalls in December and January, but there are plenty of activities going on at the Rec Plex for locals who are frustrated with the weather.

Weekly drop-in sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer are continuing throughout the week as the Town continues its first winter as the operators of the facility.

“The rates are between $5-10 and it varies depending on the program…it’s usually a pretty good time,” said Magi Scallion, who is serving as the Rec Plex’s booking agent with the Town.

Scallion also stressed that the Rec Plex is available for private rentals and at a good price.

“It’s a fantastic facility for things like birthday parties or if it’s a terrible day and you have kids on the weekend, our rates for gymnasium use are (approximately) $30 an hour,” Scallion said.

Some of the weekly drop-ins have struggled with numbers so far this season, and Scallion wants to make sure that locals know that newcomers are always welcome to get out there and give all sports a chance.

“There’s definitely an opportunity to be a high-performance competitor but I’d say most of the people are beginners to average level. They’re very social groups,” she said.

For more information and for booking schedules, individuals can email rec.booking@golden.ca.