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New working group bringing local food issues out at forum

Golden's new Local Food Matters Working Group is hosting a community forum on local food to find out what the local priorities are.
The Local Food Matter Working Group is hosting a local food forum on May 6.

Does local food matter to you?

Golden’s new group, Local Food Matters, is finding that many people in the community are answering yes to that question. Of course saying yes is just step one. Step two, the group decided, is to bring people together and find out what they would like to see happen to make local food more relevant and accessible in Golden.

“Our first idea was to start a community garden,” said Joyce deBoer, one of the founding members of Local Food Matters. However, once they started having more conversations about how to help the community, they realized that maybe they should first ask the community what it wants.

“There are so many different perspectives, so we decided to ask what others in the community would want to see,” added deBoer.

With some help from Interior Health’s Healthy Communities program, the Local Food Matters Working Group will be hosting a forum on local food. They have also earned support from Columbia Basin Trust, the Rotary Club of Golden, and the Town of Golden.

The goals of the forum are to find out what people in Golden are already doing in relation to local food, see what priorities arise from local food issues, and to identify a few actions that can be initiated this season.

“So we’re hearing people are really excited,” said Jill Dewtie. “And we have no idea what could come out of this. It really could be anything from a community garden to connecting restauranteurs with producers. A big part of this is really just networking.”

The forum itself is only half a day, so there is an e-survey currently being circulated to try and determine where people’s focus is.

The forum is open to everybody. In fact, the more diversity the better.

The group is committed to making sure that an action does come out of this, and will be there to facilitate that action. However the hope is that there will be enough momentum coming out of Local Food Matters that people will be able to branch off in smaller groups and take on their own projects.

The forum is taking place on Saturday May 6 at the Golden Legion. Breakfast is at 8 a.m. and the forum will begin at 8:30 a.m. Anyone wishing to participate can take the e-survey, and RSVP here: