Tom Jobin

Tom Jobin

Métis group gains new equipment through grant

The Métis Nation Columbia River Society received a grant to purchase archery equipment which has been utilized by many groups.

Students from Alexander Park Elementary were treated to some fun at the Golden Museum, thanks to some grant money, and the expertise of certain community elders.

Through the Aboriginal Sport Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council, of the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, the Metis Nation Columbia River Society (MNCRS) received some funds, and the group decided that archery equipment would provide the most benefit.

“The kids are really loving it,” said Caren Nagao, member of the MNCRS and Grade 1 teacher at APES.

“It’s a traditional art, and traditional skill, and something we felt was lacking in the community as a whole.”

The society has made the equipment available to multiple groups in town. The Scouts have used it, and even a group of exchange students had the chance to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow.

The community is also very fortunate to have elders to pass on their skills to the younger generations. Tom Jobin, Gary Foyston and Ed Delisle were there to teach the Grade 1 class how to use the equipment.