Interact and Rotary host an Amazing Race

An Interact Club from Washington will be joining the Golden club for an Amazing Race this weekend.

The short video made by local Interact Club members about what the organization means to them was so touching to a Rotary group in Washington, that they’ve decided to come up to Golden to meet the group.

The youth service group, made up of GSS students, will be hosting a group of Interact and Rotary members from a club near Spokane. Golden Interact, including young film maker Madeline Archibald, entered an Interact video contest (the only club in this district to do so), and blew the Washington club away.

“The Rotary Club there has a good relationship with our club… They called and said that’s the most amazing video, we have to get out clubs together,” said Rotarian Greg Ehman.

So 16 Interact members, along with some parents and Rotarians are taking the six hour drive to spend the weekend in Golden.

“We have quite a few events planned. Some dinners with Rotary, and of course the amazing race,” said Interact member Madison Ehman.

As a way to get their guests out and about in the town, and get the community involved as well, Rotary and Interact have organized an Amazing Race for this Saturday.

“It’s also a chance to give back a little bit. The town of Golden is so kind and so supportive, so we thought it would be a fun way to involve the community businesses,” said Greg.

Between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., eight teams of up to eight people will be roaming around town with a series of clues they have to figure out to get to their next locations. Sometimes there will be a challenge they have to overcome. There will be lots of photo challenges and “selfies” so lots of opportunities to document the event.

“We might even do some sort of presentation with all the photos at the end,” said Greg.

But mostly it will be about getting the youth together and out in the community.

“Every time we get to hang out with another club it’s always fun, and we get inspired by the things they’ve done,” said Madison.

“It always gives you great ideas for new projects, and lets you connect with them,” added Archibald.

Of course the local Interact Club has plenty of inspiring projects on the go themselves. Up next is a community dinner and art auction to raise money for “shelter boxes.”

“The theme of the event is Displaying Youth Talent. So we’re going to get local youth artists and musicians to come out and perform and contribute to the art auction,” said Madison.

Details are still being finalized for the April event, but the goal is to raise enough to purchase three shelter boxes.

“A shelter box is a survival kit, so it includes shelter, food and water,” said Archibald.

“It houses up to 10 people, and has water filtrations and that stuff. They get sent out when there’s some sort of disaster, like the earthquake in Haiti,” said Madison.

Of course that is quite a lofty goal, considering the boxes are $1,200 each.

But in the meantime you can see them having fun with their guests this weekend, so keep an eye out for teams running around town on Saturday during the Amazing Race.