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Flexibility found in home business

It has taken Ellen Hatlevic years to work her way up through the ranks of Mary Kay, and she's now reaping the rewards.
Ellen Hatlevik has reaped tremendous rewards since starting with Mary Kay.

It has taken Ellen Hatlevic years to work her way up through the ranks of Mary Kay, but the rewards she has reaped were well worth the effort.

“During my 11 years as a consultant, I have earned free cars: TVs, furniture, and numerous other rewards,” she said.

A network marketing business wasn’t always in her plan. Hatlevic was a Dutch immigrant who grew up in Toronto. She moved out west 30 years ago, where she met her husband.

While working across the country she obtained several degrees, and worked in various senior executive levels of government, as well as teaching post-secondary at Arctic College. In 2001 the couple made Golden their home, and Hatlevic was forced to change careers.

“During my time in Golden I was unable to find employment, so I started my home-based business,” she said.

“I was a long-time Mary Kay customer, so Mary Kay Cosmetics was my first choice. To be successful you must believe in your product and be your own best customer.”

She found that she loved the flexibility of being her own boss, and being able to give herself a raise by working harder. But she especially loved the way the products and the company enrich women’s lives.

“My own life has been enriched by amazing, loyal customers and the consultants I support on my team. Many of these women have become close personal friends.”

Women love to be pampered says Hatlevik, which means that it is easy for her to relocate with a business like this. Since 2001 she has left Golden, and returned without having to give up her business.

“The flexibility enables the entrepreneur to work around family schedules and activities, making it a perfect option for a stay-at-home mom, or anyone wanting or needing a little extra cash,” she said. “Or, for anyone just wanting to get out and meet people in a fun way that doesn’t feel like work.”

Hatlevik strongly recommends a home-based business. If you find a venture that meets a personal interest, go for it.

“The key is that you will only be as successful as the effort you are willing to put into your new venture. You are your own greatest investment.”