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Downtown office is looking for a new look for the storefront

Shannon Hood is offering a $500 grand prize for a new design for the front of her downtown office space.
Shannon Hood of Sun LIfe Financial is hosting a contest to redesign the front of her office space. The winning designer will receive the grand prize of $500. Submission can be dropped off at the office on 9th Avenue North.

The newest home for financial services agent, Shannon Hood, is in need of a little TLC.

Shannon Hood’s Sun Life Financial business recently took office space on 9th Avenue North, but Hood doesn’t think it’s quite right just yet.

“I would really like to get other people involved,” said Hood. So to achieve that, she has put out a contest. She is calling all designers, or prospective designers, to come up with a new look for the front of her office.

“It’s a downtown office front, and I want it to have a cool look to it,” she said, adding that she does not have a single design bone in her body, so is relying on Golden’s creativity to help her out.

Having said that, Hood is leaving the parameters as wide open as possible. It could be as elaborate as adding structures to the front, or as simple as a paint scheme.

Anyone wishing to enter the contest has until March 1 to hand in a submission. The format of the submission is up to the designer, but Hood would like some sort of visual representation included. The winning designer will receive the grand prize of $500.

“I’ve already had a couple dropped off, so I’m really excited to see what people come up with,” she said.