The design for the new sign at the Highway 1 Highway 95 junction has been approved

The design for the new sign at the Highway 1 Highway 95 junction has been approved

Council Notes: Highway sign construction begins this spring

A new sign will be constructed at the junction of Highway 1 and Highway 95, funded through the Resort Municipality Initiative.

Whitetooth Brewery Frontage Offsite

Interoute Construction Ltd. DBA Valley Blacktop has been awarded the contract for road structure replacement, parking development, and landscaping in front of the new Brewery on 8th Avenue North.

Just as with other Town projects, the municipality has previously tendered the project last summer, and received proposals that far exceeded the budget.

The re-tender process allowed the town to award Interoute the contract at $185,065.03 plus GST.

“The contractor has the equipment and resources necessary to complete the project on or before the tender-specified substantial performance date of June 30,” read the report.

The work was identified in the 2017 capital budget, and reflects a standing agreement with the brewery developer to partner on the work.

Highway Sign

The Town of Golden has awarded Big Rock Construction the contract for the construction of the new highway sign to be erected at the Highway 1 / Highway 95 interchange.

The project has been in the works for a while, but was stalled last year when it went to tender, and the single bid that came in was way over budget at more than $800,000.

This time around Big Rock proposed $496,652, which will be paid for entirely by the Resort Municipality Initiative funding.

“Re-tendering this project has successfully brought it back to its original budget and its construction this spring is synergistic with the new seasonal visitor centre and completion of the pathway between the Trans Canada and downtown,” wrote CAO Jon Wilsgard in the report.

The performance date for the project is set at June 10.

Five Year Financial Plan

The Town of Golden Council has adopted their Five Year Financial Plan after months of deliberations and public consultation.

The Town received very little feedback, and council adopted the bylaw at the March 7 meeting.

Coun. Bruce Fairley was absent for the final adoption, but had voted against the financial plan during the first three readings.

The full budget is available on the Town of Golden website.