BC Tourism Matters for National Tourism Week

Opinion: Celebrate what tourism means for the people of Golden, even those not working in the industry.

This week is Tourism Week in Canada. It may seem like a non-event, especially in a town like Golden where the tourism industry is a constant presence.

Yet, we spend more time thinking about how the tourism industry affects tourists. This week is a time to recognize what it does for our community and the people who make it home year round.

Not only does tourism provide jobs, which gives people money to spend in town, creating more jobs.  It also plays a significant role in the culture of our town, and contributes to some of the infrastructure that we all get to enjoy.

In most places in Canada people have to plan to go skiing on the weekend. Here we can sleep in, then head up for the afternoon if we’re in the mood for a few runs.

Many people are even fortunate enough to juggle their work schedule so they can ski for half a day then head to work.

If it weren’t for the tourist dollars supporting the ski hill, locals wouldn’t be able to enjoy it either.

Then we have all of the volunteer run recreation groups, like the Golden Cycling Club or the Golden Nordic Club.

The trails that these groups construct are heavily used by locals, however when the clubs are out seeking grant money, the fact that these trails draw in tourists give them an edge.

The vast mountain biking trail networks we have, and the facilities at Dawn Mountain, although built through the hard work of local volunteers, would not be what they are without the support of visitors.

Not only that, but throughout the busy tourist seasons of summer and winter, our community is filled with (mostly) happy people on vacations who are excited to see what Golden has to offer.

Seeing enthusiastic people who just had a great day of rafting, or an epic sledding trip in Quartz Creek provide a constant reminder to all of us of why we choose to live here… why we love Golden.

Throughout Tourism Week The Golden Star will be sharing a few stories of how tourism impacts all of us, whether we work in the industry or not.

Check out www.thegoldenstar.net each day to hear a different local perspective and look for the hashtag #BCTourismMatters on Twitter.