Riley Suhan is one of two ambassadors for Tourism Golden this winter. He and Dave Treadway are telling the world what Golden is all about.

Riley Suhan is one of two ambassadors for Tourism Golden this winter. He and Dave Treadway are telling the world what Golden is all about.

Ambassadors chosen to promote outdoor activities in Golden

Riley Sidhu and Dave Treadway take to social media to spread the word about Golden.

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A new partnership has formed between Tourism Golden and some local sports enthusiasts, with the goal in mind to bring more awareness and tourism to Golden’s backyard.

A new ambassador program has two locals making a flurry about Golden on social media pages.

Dave Treadway is a professional freeskier, and Riley Suhan is a professional snowmobiler. Both males call Golden home during the winter, and because of their great following on social media, keen interest in the town, being public figures, and their great personalities, Tourism Golden chose them to represent Golden to outsiders.

“We’re always looking at ways to reach a larger audience,” explained Tourism Golden communications and social media manager Andy Brown. “Part of that is finding people that have a following in sports that are well known in Golden. It’s having the right people as well.”

This winter, two of the ambassadors will begin promoting Golden online.

This marks the first year of the program, so Tourism Golden is partially playing it by ear to see how it goes. In the summer, another name is expected to be added to the list of ambassadors. The number of ambassadors may change in the summer, depending on if Tourism Golden can find the right people for the job.

One of the summer ambassadors will most likely feature one of Golden’s well-known mountain bikers.

“We’ve had ambassadors before,” Brown said, adding that they would promote history and different aspects of the town. “These are the first ambassadors that are going to be more sports related. It is what Golden is known for. We have a lot of outdoor activities. [Skiing and snowmobiling] are two areas that have a very active community online.”

Suhan is a Golden local who fell in love with snowmobiling and has pursued his hobby into a career. He has a large following online, and knows the area better than anyone.

He has appeared in many videos, and is endorsed by at least five well-known brands.

Treadway is originally from Kenora, Ontario. He and his wife Tessa met in Golden and have two children together, 6 months and three years old.

“I moved out to B.C. to be a ski bum when I graduated high school, and bounced around a couple places,” he said. “I was living in Whistler, and essentially a couple that were living in Golden said I needed to meet this girl that lived in Golden. So; I met her and ended up marrying her.”

They lived in Pemberton for the past seven years, but made the move to Golden to be closer to family.

“We thought for this year, it would be nice to be close to the grandparents, especially for the youngest,” he added. “We’re here to be close to family and still have mountains to play in.

Treadway works at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort as an ambassador as well. What this means, is ge gets to ski a lot, take photos, and upload to social media sites.

He first met Brown while working there, and was given the opportunity to expand his social media outreach through the Tourism Golden Ambassador program.

“Both my wife and I are ambassadors for the ski hill as well. In turn, because I’m living here now, I bring different media here,” he said, adding that he is shooting for European and Scandinavian magazines that showcase Golden and will be out next winter.

Last year, his son became a highlight on the Internet, when the family uploaded a video of him skiing at Kicking Horse, at only 2 years old.

“In a week it had 100,000 views,” he said.

Both ambassadors can be found online by searching their names on Facebook, or visiting and