Writers need a dictionary part 2

The citizens of the Town of Golden and spoken and have sent a very clear message to our local politicians.

I’m glad Scott Ryan has an appreciation for our democratic values that allows all eligible citizens to take part in free and unhindered elections.

The citizens of the Town of Golden and spoken and have sent a very clear message to our local politicians. They have said by a vote of nearly two to one that they are not in favour of B2B or any other frivolous projects that will cost the taxpayers of this town untold millions of dollars.

It’s appropriate that Scott mentions Bob Dylan’s song “The Times They are a Changing” for the times have changed and are still changing. Back in the day we were protesting government policies such as segregation, the inequality between males and females and the war in Vietnam.   Fortunately most of these issues have been dealt with and society is a much better place.

On a local scale we’re now protesting wasteful government spending, the lack of opportunity for meaningful work for our young men and women, and the fact this current Mayor and council have take the Town of Golden to the edge of a fiscal abyss. It was only the common sense of the local voters that prevent council from taking us over the edge. If you want proof of this look no further than the Town’s Financial Statements and Five Year Plan.  The times they certainly are a changing!

Scott and I will disagree on his assessment of the main economic drivers of our community.  Golden is still a town based on commodities and the movement of commodities.   CP Rail and LP Forest products are still two of our largest employers (governments being the third).  The economic impact of the employment they provide to local residents is huge.   They provide the best paying jobs in the community and I for one hope they both are part of our vibrant business community for decades to come.

While tourism has always played a role in the economic well being of our community (my wife and I are in the tourism business) it does not provide the same number of skilled positions nor the high wage structures that our local economy requires in order to survive.

As for the Official Community Plan it is a political document that is subject to change.   It has evolved over time and will continue to change in the years to come.   It is nothing to write home about nor base any long term decisions upon as politicians come and go and they will alter the Plan to suit their needs

I was confused by Scott’s use of the word vigilantes to describe a home grown grass roots protest movement that has been formed in Golden.

Webster defines Vigilantes as a group organized to suppress crime, a group or person who takes the law into their own hands and self appointed doer of justice.

Not one of these definitions applies to CORE (name of the local group).

CORE held its first public meeting this week and I think the 40 some odd people in attendance would take exception to being classified as part of a witch hunting vigilante group.

I’m sure the great grandparents, grandparents, mothers, fathers, young people, business owners, union workers, union representatives and just plain working folks would be surprised to learn Scott thinks they are taking the law into their own hands or were there as part of a group to suppress crime.

More than likely they attended as sovereign individuals to learn more about the goals of CORE, what actions it is planning for the future and to decide whether or not they wanted to be part of this pro-active and democratic protest movement.

Perhaps by getting our own house in order we can set an example for more senior levels or government.

Yours truly

Bob Munro, Golden, B.C.