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Wild Sky Sisters: Aquarius Season, what is your social support network?

Wild Sky Sisters is a joint venture between Angela Moffitt and Tamara McLellan

Cosmic Unconditional Love

Aquarius season is from Jan 19th - Feb 18th, 2022

We are moving from Yin energy - Capricorn - Cardinal Earth into

Yang energy - Aquarius - Fixed Air.

The dead of winter.

This is the season where we can really settle into the idea that we are officially winter-ing. Yes, for many we have been in winter for awhile, but this period of time is where we truly settle into the season. This is when the earth and her plants are fully dead, waiting to be reborn again in the coming Spring. The forest is quiet. The hum of life operates somewhere near the surface, just beyond our eyes. There is a magic and an innovation in learning to survive the dead of winter. The best musicians and artists I know come from cold climates, encouraged to go inwards to their basements to create. Communities come together, waking up to the idea that if we don’t support one another, who will? We have to check in on each other and offer what we can to this unique time. Aquarius season invites us closer to the inner hearth and asks us to rest deeply as the plants do. Spring is on the horizon, but it can feel so far away. We need to envision what we want Spring to look like, as such, Aquarius becomes the visionary.

Capricorn’s earthly season saw us preparing for the holidays, devoting time to family and our homes and the structure that is the backbone of our lives. As we move into the air, we rest into our ability to communicate despite the isolation and loneliness. We innovate through technology and stay connected through the airwaves. There is a divine intelligence working through our thoughts (with Mercury Rx here, it can feel at times hard to access. Catch any random thoughts that come your way with daily journaling!)

With the Sun transiting Aquarius, our inner rebel gets a boost and we can feel a shift towards collective ideas and information. Aquarius dreams about merging the ego with the cosmos. The sign of the Water Bearer pours forth the waters of new life into culture. Aquarians are mystics, idealists, reformers, humanitarians and innovators.

When we go inwards, we find our uniqueness. One of the ways we can embody this is to think about what we find weird or different about ourselves. Celebrate it. This is your Aquarian superpower!

Aquarius energy is freethinking and curious about ideas that run counter to tradition. Aquarius temperament can also be restless and original and can lend itself to many other interests, including science and technology. The two wavy lines of the Glyph can symbolize fast-flowing currents of energy or electricity; pushing boundaries and introducing new ideas.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, this is the energy of form and responsibility meeting shock and change. Let’s transform together.

Sending you Wild Sky love,

Ang + Tamara

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