What really happened?

Neither Christy Clark—nor the media—told the whole story behind the axing of one thousand B.C. Hydro employees

Dear Editor,

Neither Christy Clark—nor the media—told the whole story behind the axing of one thousand B.C. Hydro employees. Here it is: The B.C. Liberals had a plan to privatize B.C. Hydro all along—but lied about it. Their plan would hide the privatization from the people by first splitting B.C. Hydro into separate companies. These offshoot companies would then be privatized.  The B.C. Transmission Corp (BCTC) was one of these offshoots; no expense was spared to make it a good deal for investors; it was set-up with its own staff, ritzy office space, complete with CEOs and board-of-directors—much of it B.C. Hydro duplicates.

Privatizing the BCTC failed and it was recently re-united back with Hydro—along with all the high-priced duplicates. The Liberals created the problem; B.C. Hydro took the rap for it, and taxpayers paid the duplicate salaries and now severances.

The Liberals soon found another way to exploit B.C. Hydro. First, Campbell declared a fictitious energy crisis. Public watchdog, the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) tried to expose Campbell’s phony crisis, but the media ignored it. Campbell, as precaution, gagged the BCUC by rewriting their oversight role. The Liberals pass the Clean Energy Act; this transformed B.C. Hydro from a “producer of power” to a “purchaser of power.” Then overnight, Liberal supporters became Independent Power Producers (IPPs) with lucrative purchase agreements to sell power to B.C. Hydro—power we don’t need, and power which B.C. Hydro could produce cheaper itself.

Today, 16 per cent of the energy purchased from IPPs, account for 49 per cent of B.C. Hydro’s energy costs.

Site-C, the B.C. Liberal’s epic hallucination—proposed to be operational in 10 years—would flood prime Peace River farmland with the gamble of selling hydro to the U.S., now a major photovoltaic exporter.  Just one innovation—such as Dow’s affordable photovoltaic roofing-shingle—would turn Site-C’s 50s technology into an $8-billion dinosaur, enslaving ratepayers for generations. Christy Clark’s not worried.  She just borrowed, in these uncertain times, one-billion dollars—that’s a stack of one-thousand million-dollar bills—and will blow it all on what B.C. really needs most. Smart meters!  Incompetence?  Or criminal–like B.C. Rail, which got thrown out of court before the finger pointing started?   Justice was denied; the crooks got sent home; Campbell got promoted; the people got stuck with the $6-million legal bill.

Under Liberal rule, B.C. Rail is gone; B.C. Ferries is in debt, and slick shysters now milk B.C. Hydro.  Fraudsters have infested our political systems, our justice system; they own or control the media.  In contempt of democracy, Christy Clark has appointed herself your ruler till 2013—she has no mandate from the people. She needs time to complete the handover of B.C.’s public assets.  Then Harper will reward her.


Bryan Stawychny