We all rule the roost

Since when did it become so taboo to have an opinion?

Since when did it become so taboo to have an opinion?

This has been a topic of conversation for quite a number of discussions I have been in over the past week.

One of the things that has come from these candid chats in Golden is the feeling that if you do not agree with someone, then that automatically makes you wrong in their eyes.

This is an interesting perspective to take from any person, whether they are in a rationally thinking state of mind or not.

Every day we are put in places where we have to make decisions based on many different factors. Should I eat those gummy candies?  How much money can I spend? Is doing the laundry something that must be done today, or can I wait until tomorrow?

In most cases these choices will only affect one person. But there comes a time where you can take an opinion and turn it into something which involves a greater cause. With all greater causes people usually will have different feelings about what the best choice should be.

And that is one of the best parts of living in a country like Canada.

If you so desire, you can voice your opinions at meetings, in the media, or online. That is your right, and one I see every week. I think this is what helps make the system better in the long run because one thing is for sure about all human beings, none of us are perfect.

Things have to be discussed, and people should not have to agree with everything another person has said. Great ideas are worked on, flushed out, reworked, discussed, debated, considered and finally decided on, in what will hopefully be an idea that benefits all the people involved. But still, even after all the debates and discussions, only time will tell if a plan has really worked out.

It is the same whether you are talking politics, shopping for food, making a trade in the NHL, or deciding who to vote for.

One thing is for sure, and that is no one has the right to bully or intimidate you out of your beliefs. Some of the most memorable discussions I have ever been involved in or witnessed, have been between two people, on completely different ends of the ideologies, who may disagree, but treat each other with respect.

Passion for your beliefs is a great thing to have. People need to have passion to make a change for a better tomorrow, but what can never be lost is the point that we can all get along without seeing eye to eye.

So moving forward in 2013 I encourage people to continue to stand their ground and have their beliefs, because nothing gets accomplished when only one person thinks that they have the right to rule the roost.