Water shock

Issues with watering

Good Afternoon,

It was with a degree of shock today to have the Water Ambassador visit our home with a complaint about our lawn watering.  We recently fertilized our lawn and did water in excess of the hours suggested that day, however stick to the schedule on regular watering days.

The shock came into play when we realized we were spanked for making our home/yard a pleasure to see.

Imagine the positive outcome if the Town of Golden sent the bylaw officer and the Water Ambassador out door to door together and had them focus on the home owners who DO NOT add any visual appeal to Golden.

I am in agreement with the Town trying to start new programs to better us all, but I feel the old problems should be cleared up rather than forget them and move onto something else.

A reprimand from the town for making things nice is rather funny actually; would it be better if we put cars/trucks/washers/dryers/dump trucks, on our property? Maybe we should just be happy surrounded by weeds, tall grass and crap that won’t start scattered here and there?  These actions appear regularly around town and that seems to be ok. I suggest a restructure of your priorities.

Andrea McCulloch