Wasteful no more

In the past week, discussions with numerous people have looked at the idea of what a single person can do to help out.

Over the past year in Golden there have been many discussions about what should or should not be done in the town. People have stood up to take stands on many different topics.

In the past week, discussions with numerous people have looked at the idea of what a single person can do to help out, not only for the town they live in, but also the world.

The issues facing the Golden area are real, but during a passionate presentation at the Rotary gala, the need to have a culture that is prepared to take a stand on showing support for the youth in the area was clearly made.

During the teachers job action last year many questions were raised over what was happening in schools, not only in Golden, but across the province of British Columbia.

For years it seems people have been seeing a problem with the education system, but how to turn things around is still up in the air.

Some local people said the system itself was outdated and not able to provide for the children of today or in the future. The idea was presented at the weekend function that one way we can help prepare children for going to school is to have them better prepared before the day comes to go to kindergarten. This certainly could not hurt.

Taking steps to help families in a world where, quite often, just getting by is a struggle, should be a focus for any government in power.

Over the next few months we are going to hear many promises made, but after the provincial election the question of whether or not the promises amount to anything more than hot air will have to  be seen.  Another way to change the system that does not seem to be working would be to step up and look at how some of the them are wasteful.

Someone also looked at me this week and explained that back in the 40s and 50s there was a thing like recycling but it was not called that.

She said that people just used everything they had, and nothing went to waste. This concept is valid in the world of today because all too often the want of something is seen as a need. Those two words are not the same. These wasteful ways are found both on the political and personal level today.

The focus that is found in a few people who see a dream of being able to realize a goal that will help many people in the future, is something to admire. They do this not for personal glory, but because they see a chance to make a true difference.

Currently there are many things we need to fix in regards to where and how our tax dollars are being spent. Sometimes waiting for someone else to come and solve a problem is not the best way to go.

What needs to happen is that people need to come together to help fix a broken system, and governments have to find a way to stop letting money slip through the cracks. If they do not fix the problem, in the cracks is where the next generation just may end up.