Voting YES to Extinguish the HST is a Protest Vote

The HST debate continues

The HST is now in place and is generating more money than expected.  Premier Clark admits it costs the average family $350 a year more and reducing 12 percent to 10 percent is cutting it back 18 percent or the average family will STILL pay $291 MORE.  She states they are looking for ways to reduce this more.  Believe it when you see it!

Voting YES to extinguish the HST sends a Protest to this and future governments/politicians that enough is enough.  Instead of more taxation, what about being more accountable to existing expenditures?  What have you read about the improved efficiencies of government operations?

Look at the recent paving project between Nicolson and Golden.  Half way through the process the Government spends probably around $10,000+ [Cost of Materials, planning, installation, removal, etc] to place a sign to tell you how they are spending YOUR money.  The job is finished and two weeks later they place a sign saying “COMPLETED”.  Does the government think that the people do not know that it is all levels of government [your money] that pays for the roads?  And how many of these signs are there around the province?  This is just one item of foolish spending.

Mr. Schiesser makes valuable points in his comments in the June 29 edition of the Golden Star.  We are paying 12 percent on EVERYTHING versus 5 percent on the regular expenditures of everyday life.

However, in the same addition, a local developer of high end homes cries foul because structurally insulated panels are taxed PST and insulation is not.  He wants a level playing field with the HST.  Ask yourself, how many starter and basic homes under $350,000, including lot and services, have insulated panels?  How many mobile homes, additions, older homes need insulation to reduce heating costs?  Yes, insulated panels are more energy efficient but are used locally mostly in vacation homes generally consuming twice to three times the energy the average person needs as a necessity.

The HST will not reduce the tax on high end construction but will add an additional burden to those who need basic shelter.

In addition to bringing in new taxes, what has our government advocated they will do to stop government wastage and place the existing monies to the betterment and needs of all citizens and not just special interest groups?  It is time to tell our governments to be more accountable.

It is YOUR Vote, YOUR Money, Your Say…

Sandy Anderson

Golden, BC