Voting no on the HST

HST opinion

Dear Editor,

Despite what Bill Vander Zalm and the NDP are trying to make people believe, the HST is making B.C.’s manufacturing industry stronger.

The math is simple: bring back the 12 percent PST-GST and B.C. families will lose out on a stronger economy, more money in their pockets, and better job security.

My company – Williams & White Inc. – is a BC-grown, world-class manufacturing organization, and thanks to the HST we are enhancing the quality of our business and taking better care of our employees.

Voting No to keep the 10 percent HST is the logical choice. It helps employees by securing their jobs. It also helps employers provide workers with new equipment that makes their jobs safer, easier and more productive.

It helps British Columbia develop high paying high skilled work for everyone in the province.

Bottom line is this – the HST is good for manufacturing in B.C. That’s why I’m voting NO to going back to the PST-GST double tax.