Voices can be heard

Many questions are still open heading into a byelection and possible referendum.

Things were flowing along nicely on another Monday morning when once again a power interruption in Golden completely threw my thought process out the window.

Like many people in the area we have to be looking forward to a time when this situation is hopefully a thing of the past.

Power outages like this should be forgotten once the new power lines finally reach us and then as a town all of the residents concerns and power  disruptions should be a part of our distant memories.

Now to focus on Golden today and what is the talk of the town.

This will be a busy week in the area with an interesting council meeting to determine the next move on the Bridge to Bridge project that will be happening between the time I write this and the day the paper comes out.

Will the project go to a referendum?

It seems likely this will happen and soon we will know what the possible choices might be, and if it does go this way it will of course be a hot topic in the byelection.

This of course is dependent on having more than two people stepping up to trying win one of the two open spots which are currently available on council.

I for one have never been a fan of the whole acclamation idea.

Just getting  two signatures on a piece of paper does not make you a qualified person for any position in government where decisions on millions of dollars will be held in the checks and balances.

It would be like winning the leadership in a country by having only the ballots from one city counted.

We have seen a commitment to voices being heard over the past few months and that passion can be a good thing but if no more than two people step up to run for the open spots on council then I feel the choice has been taken away from the residents to choose who they wish to represent them.

Getting in through a loop hole is not what is best for society and if a person really wants change then they have to get off the sofa and be willing to work for it.

Complaining about or supporting the decisions made regarding how your money is spent by those who are making the decisions comes with a price tag.

It is fine to be engaged but if the changes you see are not happening then the time may be ripe to pop by and pick up one of those packets so that you can get involved and be a part of a solution which hopefully in the end will benefit not only yourself but also those around you.

This decision is never easy and I am sure if you ask the current council they will say they have their good and bad days.

But they did sign up for the position and they all had a strong enough feeling to run and represent. That is something not everyone has the strength or desire to be a part of. Putting yourself out there to be judged by other is a challenge  for both the mind and soul.

It is easy to take pot shots at those who sit behind a table at council and it most certainly is not a place where everyone could handle the responsibility, pressure, commitment, debates, arguments and everything else that come with the position.

But without choices residents loose their say for who they want to be in the seats as their representatives.