True character shown at all candidates meeting

Disappointing behaviour from some of the candidates overshadows answers.

For the first time in a long time, I had the opportunity to attend a political event as a regular citizen, not as a reporter.

I was not on duty on Wednesday evening, so I was able to go to the All Candidates Forum and listen as a voter.

It is true that the forum lacked concrete answers from the candidates, but I found the evening very informative nevertheless.

I don’t necessarily attend these types of events to hear the prospective councillors talk about their hopes, ideas and concerns.

After almost of year of living in Golden I think I have a fairly good understanding of where these candidates stand on the issues, as these five happen to be very outspoken members of the community.

I go to watch their behaviour and conduct. I want to see their character, and how they handle themselves in the face of differing opinions.

I was not disappointed.

Whether good or bad, all of these candidates showed very clearly who they are.

A few years ago my favourite hockey team had to choose a new captain.

As an avid Vancouver Canucks fans, my friends and I spent much of the summer debating which of the two candidates should receive the honour.

Ryan Kesler takes to the ice every night with passion and determination. He plays with all of his emotion, and holds nothing back, even after the whistle blows.

Henrik Sedin quietly leads by example, keeps his mind on the game, and rarely lets his emotions show, on and off the ice.

It was a tough debate, but once I realized one key point, the decision was very clear.

A captain is not only a leader, he is a representative.  He represents the team and the community around the league.

And even though Kesler’s emotion helps him play to his full potential, it makes him put his foot in his mouth in front of other players, and the media.

(During the 2010 Olympics he was caught on tape saying he “hates” Canadians.)

Henrik Sedin is more respectful and classy individual, which I believe makes him a better captain.

The Canucks organization agreed.

I now find myself looking at Town Council the same way. These councillors not only fight for the issues you, and they, feel are important, they are also our reprentatives within, and outside the community. The manner in which they represent us, reflects upon us.

Who do you want to represent you?

All of the 2012 candidates care about the issues facing Golden, and I believe they would all work hard to achieve what they believe would be a better Golden.

But after watching the All Candidates Forum I am a little worried how their conduct may reflect back on the community.

I was appalled at the way a few (not all) of the candidates were treating each other.

Eyes were rolling when others were speaking, and at one point a candidate actually had to stop answering a question because the gestures of the candidate in the next seat became too distracting.

I know that these people are passionate about what they believe in, and that’s a good thing.

But if they are incapable of treating everyone with respect at all times, then I do not want them representing me.

I hope I’m not the only one.