Trail respect

After a cold winter, when getting around was not always the easiest thing to do, now almost everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

As the winter season melts away many people will soon be getting ready to head back out to the trails around Golden to walk, run, ride a bike or go for a ride on all terrain vehicles.

This is a great time of the year for many people. After a cold winter, when getting around was not always the easiest thing to do, now almost everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

For all that is great about this type of freedom, it can lead to conflicts between the people who are walking and others who ride bikes or use a motorized vehicle.

Environmentally, questions have been raised about the damage these machines do to the trails where they are used.

Golden is an area between many parks where the use of ATVs is not permitted. Thus it has become a natural destination for many people to come and use their machines.

This is nothing new for Golden. People come to the area all winter long with their snowmobiles and use the trails and head off into the backcountry.

This is a valuable resource for the community. In these tough economic times the visitors bring money to the area and support  many local businesses.

There are different groups in the community who work hard to keep the bike, walking and other trails in the best conditions possible, so when people from the community want to head outside they have safe places to go.

There is no easy answer to this contentious issue. For those people who think that the loud machines should not be used in the area that belief is strong. For the ATV riders the trails provide a great getaway  that they enjoy.

As for bicycles and walkers, the issue can be seen much closer to Golden when you are out on the trails in town.

For the most part, people seem to be very respectful on both sides of the issue. Many people in Golden live very healthy lives. They can be seen walking, running, and riding their bikes all summer long.

Like many things in life, showing simple respect for others can solve many problems.

When out walking, people need to be aware of their surroundings, and the same has to be said for those people on their bicycles.

If you are wearing ear buds and can’t hear your surroundings then you have to pay even more attention to who is coming up behind you with your other senses.

Taking your time on the trails when people get near each other is a key to everyone having a safe summer.

As for the ATVs, although the debate over what happens to the environment will continue, it should be clear, the machines seem to be here to stay. What people need to do, is get together to find the best areas for trails to run so that those people who live in the country areas can enjoy their quiet lives while incorporating a place for others to have some fun.