Time to move on

With so many issues facing Canada, do we need to relive the past?

There comes a time in life when certain things have to be let go.

While flipping through news websites this morning I came across a story talking about how Quebec Premier Jean Charest said  he wants Quebec to one day be recognized as a nation under the Canadian Constitution.

Now this could just be a politician in Quebec trying to appease the hardliners who strive for this goal or it could be something which Charest truly believes in.

Either way it is a horse that has been beaten to death in our country.

When this debate comes up it does little more than to cause bitterness between Canadians and that benefits no one.

How much time, energy and money has been spent arguing, debating and voting on this issue. Quebec is a part of Canada and for that Canadians should be grateful.

The province adds a unique part of what it means to be Canadian.

There to me is the important part…being Canadian.

We are lucky enough to live in a country that has many different and unique cultures and people. I have personally lived in four provinces and can say they all have something unique and different to offer us on all levels.

This is what makes the country special.

Last October  I had the chance to drive from Newfoundland to British Columbia and it is an amazing trip that does show a different side of the country as a whole.  In times where there are so many desperate issues happening in the country and around the world the question I ask is whether we really need to beat the bushes about an issue that has no benefit for the any part in the country.

But every time this debate comes up it seems to be because a politician is trying to save his own skin. Enough is enough.

People make a country not the other way around. We need to work together to see that the future of Canada  is a prosperous one and stop going into the past to find old fights.  So lets learn from the past (not live there) and go forward to a brighter future.