The time has come to slow down

Winter driving should make people drive more cautious...but are drivers slowing down?

There is nothing quite as nice as that first snowfall of the year.

Light flakes of snow falling from the sky and floating down to the ground to signify the change of the season.

However with the beautiful scenery comes snow on the roads and highways.

While driving back from Calgary I realized long before I made it to the mountains that I could be in for a bit of a rough pass.

Wind was ripping off the Rockies and some precipitation was already falling.

But there was nothing to worry about because I had my winter tires on and traffic was busy but not as bad as expected.

All was well until I reached the West side of Banff.

The wind picked up and snow started to fall. Then more fell and more until finally getting back to Golden in the quickest way possible turned into taking my time and doing my best to see the road in front of me.

This is the time when speed should be the last thing on your mind.

However like many times before I was blown away by the impatience shown and the high speeds that other drivers seemed to need to go on the highway.

I get it. People want to get to their destinations and enjoy as much of their long weekends as possible but does it not make more sense to slow down just a tad to ensure the safety of the people in your car?

It has been said so many times since I was a child that just slowing down would help cut into the number of winter accidents but yet here I found myself again with people flying by me, (almost pushing me out of the way) during a snowstorm on a fairly busy highway.

I do not understand tailgating at the best of times on the roads but especially when there were points where seeing the road is more of a hope than a reality makes me question just how people get a license these days.

Lives are lost every year because of dangerous driving that there was no need to be doing.

Is getting to wherever you are going ten minutes earlier really worth the chance of killing someone?

I say no it is not but then again I was the one being passed so I may be in the minority on this one.

We live in an area where the highway goes through many challenging areas especially during the winter months.

The roads are crowded with cars, trucks and much larger vehicles.

Accidents are going to happen because the odds are in their favour when you combine the number of cars and the roads. But why should we increase those odds by doing something that can be avoided.

Raise your foot a little off the gas pedal and play it safe during the months ahead.

We all have to drive. There is no way around this but do it safely.

Give the car in front of you a little more space.

Slow down when the roads are covered because you never know what lurks beneath the white snow which may be pretty on a tree but is not so wonderful on the roads.

Finally we haveĀ  show a little more respect for life because it is better to be a few minutes late than never to arrive at all.

Have a safe winter season.