The reasons I hate mosquitoes

Mosquitoes cause problems

I hate mosquitoes. I think everyone hates mosquitoes. But I really, really hate mosquitoes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really like Golden. I have written this a million times. It’s pretty and has lots to do, but you can’t do any of those things passed 8 p.m. because now it’s mosquito season.

And I understand that we have the wetlands and everything and there’s water everywhere and what not, but seriously the mosquitoes suck.  I don’t even get bitten a lot by them, apparently my blood type isn’t to their standard and I’m okay with that. But for some reason I already have more bites this year than I had in total last year. And just because they don’t bite me frequently doesn’t mean they don’t buzz around my room and my ears.

I remember my dad telling me about how when he was a kid there would be a truck that goes around Golden pretty much just spraying poison out the back that killed the mosquitoes. Well that obviously stopped because of the health risks and what not, but what about the health risk of all our blood being sucked out by these stupid mosquitoes? Or the fact that it is un-enjoyable to sit outside on a nice evening because the mosquitoes also enjoy this time of day?

Seriously, try to go for a walk in the evening through all the trails in Golden. You will be bitten by mosquitoes and then probably choked to death by those little nit things that hang out in giant gangs.

But this isn’t about those nit things, it’s about mosquitoes.

Killing a mosquito is like a small victory. One mosquito down, eight billion to go right? I think I might just start walking around with bug killer and spraying everything, but I think that’s illegal now so I’ll find some environmentally friendly stuff.

Because let’s be honest, mosquito repellent is more of a small hurdle for the bug to jump, and they fly so hurdles are never an issue.

And there are candles and torch things and scent things and every other type of thing in the world that apparently keeps mosquitoes away but I have yet to find one that actually works. I’ve been told that eating bananas attracts them, and wearing dark clothing and all this other stuff that apparently keeps them away too. So apparently, we have to change our diets and clothing styles based on a mosquitoes preference. And you know what? That probably won’t work either. Know what does work? Killing them.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not an insanely violent person but seriously, I hate mosquitoes.