The hard part begins

Getting elected is only the beginning... Only time will tell us if all the promises made really accomplish anything in the end.

All politicians should have 3 hats – one to throw into the ring, one to talk through, and one to pull rabbits out of if elected-

Carl Sandburg

Getting elected is only the beginning. For some politicians, it is the start of a journey that will be remembered as a time where great things were accomplished, or failures were written about on a daily basis.

After what could have been described as a two-year campaign to win the hearts and minds of the voters in British Columbia, the latest election has now come and gone.

During this period we have heard from all of the parties’ candidates about what they are going to do to look after us.

Now the time has once again come where politicians have to sit back and realize that they have been elected. This means  that all of those promises they talked about over the past two years, they now have to try to accomplish.

The main problem with this is all too often the promises made are like Christmas, when jolly old St. Nick mixes up the houses he brings presents to. Then no one gets what they really wanted.

There seems to be two ways to get a vote in modern democratic elections — promise the world, or remind everyone just how terrible the other parties are.

During the run up to this election, voters were promised many things to make them want to vote for one party over another. Then on top of that, we are told to be afraid…be very afraid, of those other parties because if they get elected it will be one step closer to the apocalyptic nightmare we all know will come.

That is the nature of the democracy beast.

All too often  I have heard people make comments around how they were going to vote for one side or the other, not because they particularly like the party or candidate, but more because they fear what the other side will do.

It is too bad that fear campaigns are where we are in politics today. But it is true because they work. Fear can be a great factor to help get someone elected, and that is a dangerous game to play.

Of course now that the election has ended parties will go to Victoria and sit across from each other and debate and debate and debate, about all of the important things for the province.

Where will money be spent? How much help will seniors and children receive? Will the pipeline ever be built, and is there enough cash floating around to fill a few of the bigger holes on the Trans Canada Highway around Golden?

The BC NDP have once again ended up on the opposition side of the house. For them the next few years will be spent complaining about all the things the government should be doing.

For the BC Liberals, history will start the time clock on how they will be remembered.

Those in power are the ones who get remembered for all they accomplish or for where they failed. Only time will tell us if all the promises made really accomplish anything in the end.