The Golden Golf Course, yours to keep

A letter about what is happening at a golf course in Golden

The Golden Golf Course celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 17, 2011. This beautiful gem was built by dedicated volunteers in our community with the support of local business and government. It was not easy but dedication and a vision for a better community kept the dream alive.

Today the Golf Club finds itself at a crossroad.

The recession, the cost of operating, our again infrastructure and a nine competitive golf courses in the Invermere Valley alone have presented huge challenges to the club.

About two years ago, the club hired a professional general manager. prior to this, a volunteer board ran the business and we recognized it had become too large to manage effectively with volunteers.

The club has suffered some uncontrollable set backs over the past four years. Holt Creek flooded, our telephone lines became inoperable, we lost most of our greens due to ice and this year one of our main hydro components burned.

All through these years the club and its members tried to absorb the costs to keep golf affordable to the community.

We are reaching out to the community for help. The club is a key tourism and economic driver in Golden. We are responsible for the employment of over 45 people and over 70 percent of our revenue has historically come from non-members and tourists. Tourists stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants and shop in our stores, thus contributing significant income to us all.

How can you help?

We have six weeks of gold left this season-please come and enjoy several rounds of golf.

If you are a parent, we are offering free golf for up to three children with the purchase of one adult round. Please contact our pro shop at 250-344-2700 for details.

If you are not a golfer, come eat in out restaurant.

The club receives a percentage of its revenue from our food and beverage.

Promote the Golf Club to your friends and relatives that come for a visit in Golden. Word of mouth is the oldest and best marketing we can do.

Try golf for the first time.

We have a very attractive twilight and nine hole rates that make golf an affordable choice. Lessons are also available.

Help encourage local government to support our efforts through the various available grants.

In all, the club we will be here next year but because our funds are so limited we fear that our product quality may deteriorate. We want to prevent this and keep golf in our community forever.  Help by being part of the solution

Krys Sikora

President, Golden Golf Club