Summer fun in Golden

All you have to do is take a look out your window and you will see the benefits the area offers for outdoor enthusiasts.

Even though it is still raining outside there are a number of signs that summer is just around the corner for residents in Golden.

All you have to do is take a look out your window and you will see the benefits the area offers for outdoor enthusiasts.

While walking along the Kicking Horse River I recently saw people kayaking, white water rafting and skydivers were falling  gracefully from the sky.

The river is a temptation which is hard to resist. It offers something for both the extreme adventure enthusiasts and for people who want to go for a leisurely ride.

Then there is the skydiving centre  at the Golden Airport.

The past two summers I have had the opportunity to chat with people who have just experienced one of the ultimate rushes you can have in Golden. For many they struggle to find the words to describe what it is like to dive between the mountains that surround the town.

For people who love riding their bicycles, Golden is the perfect place. For a casual ride you can roll around the trails in Golden and go at your own pace.

Then there are also great mountain bike trails all over the area which are looked after by a dedicated group of volunteers.

For the people who crave heading downhill there are also the amazing runs found at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

If having a more relaxing day is your style then you could head out to the Golden Golf Club to play a round on one of the most beautiful golf courses you will ever find.

Runners and walkers have nothing to worry about as there are many trails they can use to get some exercise.

Soon there will also be paragliders and hang gliders flying in the skies over Golden as they take off from Mount 7 and people heading just east of town to go zip lining.

But the outdoors in Golden is not just for walking, running, biking or flying. It is also a place where music and culture fill the air.

Music will soon start in Spirit Square as Kicking Horse Culture is putting together a summer of music from all over the world and bringing it to Golden.

An added benefit during these shows is that we will also get the chance to hear and watch some local talent perform.

Golden may be a small town but one thing is for sure. As the summer approaches more and more people will have many reasons to get out of their houses and have some fun in the area. All of the things to do mentioned above are not only great for local people but they are also a great excuse for locals to bring their friends and family to Golden for a day, a weekend or even more.

When you look at how close we are to so many great things to do, so many beautiful National Parks, so many great musical performances and so much more it should be no surprise to see many new faces coming to town to enjoy what we have every day.

The time has come to get out of your house and have a great summer filled with fun and games. Enjoy the weather, once the sun comes out  on a more permanent basis, and see what you can do in your backyard.