Standing together

When people come together as part of a unified goal, then anything can be accomplished.

When people come together as part of a unified goal, then anything can be accomplished.

Golden proved this and came together to win $100,000 that will go to help the development of minor hockey in the area.

For many days leading up to the voting period you could not go anywhere in the area without people reminding you to make sure you cast a vote.

Online the effort to help out local players was even stronger.

People saw a chance to do something that would help out many local children.

This effort had little to do with hockey and much more to do with the backbone of a small town that decided to take on a great challenge.

When you face off against areas with many more people, determination and desire to succeed can take you a long way in any competition.

It was an interesting couple of days to be reporting in Golden while the voting was going on.

Everywhere you turned there seemed to be someone on a computer, carrying signs and just passing along the word on the street that every vote made a difference.

Both hockey kids and people who certainly were, and are not, hockey fans, took time to go online and cast a ballot or two, or a few hundred.

The support given by everyone who got involved became impossible not to be a part of. It became the fun thing to do in Golden for two days.

It was as if the subconscious of Golden willed you to hop online while watching television, eating lunch, or between writing stories (in my case) and vote a few times.

Then came the wait, and like Christmas day no one really knew what was going to happen, but everyone wanted a big surprise when they finally got the chance to look under the Kraft tree.

The announcement came quickly and the news, as it turned out, was one where the “little town that could” got a great reward.

People shouted, screamed and a few tears were shed when people realized that the hard work had paid off.

Now that it is done the tough decision will have to be made on what to do with the new found financial security which minor hockey has.

Money, for all its good, can lead to issues, but as long as the momentum gathered in the voting process is held onto, the next few years for minor hockey in Golden should be interesting.

Great things can be accomplished and the number of people who made this good situation great, both in Golden and beyond, should not be forgotten.

Though this is a small town, the people have proven that when they work together for the same cause  anything can be accomplished.